Use Cases

Illness Monitoring

Federal government monitors symptoms of individuals infected with communicable diseases by deploying thousands of text messages containing illness precautions and protocols.

Customer Engagement

Small businesses increase revenue and customer base through sales reminders, discounts and special offers.

Licensure Compliance

Child Care Resource and Referral State Network teams up with the Department of Health and Human Services to provide timely licensing mandates and resource information

Improve Communication

Small child care programs significantly increase communication with families by sending frequent texts about upcoming events, fundraisers, and closings.

Market Services

Child Care Resource and Referral agency provides SMS messages to child care providers with links to training calendar, consumer print materials, and other program service

Improve Attendance

Family Support Service Agency uses text messaging as a way to improve attendance at orientation meetings by sending reminder messages days before orientation.

Just-In-Time Content

Corporate child care programs use texting to inform staff of time-sensitive information.

Emergency Response

Child Care Network captures flooding impact by texting out surveys to child care programs and families in disaster-affected areas.

Post Classroom Reinforcement

Large Nonprofit organizations schedule SMS messages to participants days after class ends to continue learning and put knowledge into practice.