Tips for an Effective Text Message-Based Communication Strategy

How can SMS communication benefit your business? For child care centers, nonprofits and even corporation, text messaging allows you a cost effective way to interact with an audience quickly while making them feel valued. Here are some points to consider when implementing a successful text message based communication strategy.

In today’s world of digital media and smartphones, many nonprofits are making use of text message marketing.  A study by IDC found that 89% of respondents had their phone on or near them for 22 hours a day, and that the majority of respondents checked their phones within 15 minutes of waking up.1 For organizations, text messaging is increasingly viewed as an effective way to interact with their audience. 64% of consumers think companies who text, value their time, are progressive and would recommend them to others.  97% of companies found they communicated with consumers more efficiently after launching texting initiatives. [1]

Text message marketing is simple, cost-effective and allows you to reach large numbers of people instantly.  It is the #1 use of smartphones and polls indicate that this is the way people actually want to hear from you.

While developing a text-based program and communication plan may, at first, seem daunting, however with the right approach and information, you can successfully implement yours in a way that meets your organization’s needs and those of your community.

Determine Why a SMS Texting Strategy Will Work

What are your pain points?  What problem(s) do you wish to solve with text messaging? Before you draft a plan, take some time to identify the reason behind “why” you have or wish to add texting to your communication strategy.  In doing so, you will be able to create a strategy that aligns with your goals and meets your organization’s needs. 

Identify Your Audience for Child Care and Nonprofits

Who are you targeting? Will you be utilizing texting communications for internal purposes (employees, network, etc.) or externally for your customers, consumers, etc.? Consider breaking down each of your customers and map out your communication goals for each. It is important to consider the type of information you will distribute.

Create a Timeline/Goals to implement your text messaging strategy

Outline your objectives, link them to your mission and measure them regularly.  Set out the points at which you plan to measure your progress as well as times you anticipate hitting your goals. Also, to ensure everyone is moving forward in the same direction, think about mapping out who will do what, and when.  Be sure you schedule check ins where you can see if you are on track to hit your final mark. Auditing your success along the way will help you.

Text messaging is a good communication strategy as well as a valuable investment.  It will help you build trust and engage your supporters.