Reach More People with Church Texting

Help your house of worship improve communication and reach people where they already are – on their phones.  Did you know, 66% of people prefer texting over phone and email? 

Short message service (SMS) mass text messaging for houses of worship is an effective communication tool as it allows pastors and church leaders to grow their community, foster relationships and connect with their congregation and supporters.

With just a click of a button, you can…. 

*Follow up automatically with guests

*Send announcements that get read

* Grow membership and attendance

SMS texting is statistically proven to be one of the most opened, written forms of communication.  As a matter of fact, 98% of text messages are opened and 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes in comparison to an email open rate of only 20%.   Even in a busy world, texting can help you get in front of your church members.

Here are ten ways your house of worship can use StepAhead’s SMS texting platform:


For general communications about changes in ministry schedules, weather impacts or new Covid-19 restrictions, using SMS to send out messages to members is highly efficient and provides leaders the ability to track their messages in an organized manner.

Prayer requests

Every week, houses of worship often need at least one or two individuals to give opening and/or closing prayers. It’s a constant job for someone to find members who are available and a process to remind them. An automated SMS text can be scheduled to go out to everyone who is on the list for prayers that month.

Sermon or testimony reminders

How many times have you or your leaders had to bear testimony or relay a sermon out of the clouds because someone forgot or missed? A simple text can prevent this and keep everyone in the loop.

Meeting reminders

Not only are there weekly meetings for members to attend, but there are also missionaries, volunteers, teachers, pastors, bishops and other leaders who gather on a regular basis to discuss needs and action items. Reminders and informational messages for each group can increase organizational efficiencies and streamline communication.

Uplifting bible verses or inspirational quotes

Ever member has a different story. Different struggles, different strengths, and different weaknesses. Bible verses and uplifting quotes can resonate with every single member. These messages can increase their desire to be a better person and strengthen their relationship with other members and the Lord.

Tithes and donation requests/reminders

It’s easy to forget about making donations. Send updates about how donations are making an impact.  A simple message can be just the push your congregation needs. 

Youth group activity reminders

It’s not just the weekly service that need extra reminders. Summer bible camp or weekly youth group activities and events all get mixed in with the business of life. It’s easy to forget.

Event updates

Youth social dance, holiday choir concert, volunteer projects – use texting to encourage sign up’s, gauge attendance levels and remind parents of their children’s activities.

Missionary updates

Whether you have sent out your own child to serve as a missionary or helping to support missionaries who are serving in your community, they may need assistance with teaching opportunities, volunteer work or meals.

Choir reminders

There are a lot of great singers out there, and some who haven’t gotten enough courage to participate. Texting a weekly reminder for those who are in the choir as well as for those that have been thinking about it is the perfect way to reach both audiences.

Mass texting is simply the most reliable, secure, and effective way to communicate with your church members as a whole.

It’s never been this easy to connect with your church’s congregation!

So, why isn’t your organization using SMS yet?

Contact StepAhead today and see how we can work for you.