Increase Operational Efficiencies with Text Messaging

The administrative burden of custom communications for an organization is high.  Communication plans have a lot of moving parts, and adding a secure SMS text messaging system like StepAhead can reduce the amount of administrative work for an organization by up to 50%.

SMS mass texting reduces the time-consuming and costly communication processes of sending out individual reminders and managing conversations using 2-way messaging. many businesses and nonprofits face.

Through StepAhead you can use text messaging features like personalized templates, message scheduling and automated workflows, to effortlessly:

  • Streamline Tasks
  • Reduce Costs
  • Improve Reach/Engagement
  •  Obtain Assurance

A well-rounded communication strategy should include email marketing, phone and SMS messaging channels.

Email works great for long, in-depth customer communications; voice calls are helpful for more personalized updates, and text messaging is best for short messages, calls for action, and immediate engagement. 

Phone conversations can be time consuming and can only be completed one at a time and require a lot of administrative hours.  Conversely, crafting emails and ensuring you have working email addresses that don’t end up in a spam filter can take hours.  In today’s world, you likely don’t have time to call everyone on your contact list or scrub email lists. 

With SMS mass texting, you can achieve the same goal in less time and broadcast your message to a much larger audience (400 messages per second).  

Quit spinning your wheels and wasting administrative time and energy hoping your audience receives your information.  Stop checking your email open rates and praying you hit the 20% open-rate mark.  Quit strategizing new email subject lines that capture your audience’s attention. 

Use a communication channel that works.  One that has a 98% open rate and a 45% engagement rate – SMS texting.

Email and voice calls will always have a place in your communication strategy, but texting gives you the best of both worlds with more immediate, more efficient, and more convenient communication.  It fills the gaps so to speak.

StepAhead can help you bridge the gaps in your communication strategy and increase your operational efficiencies.  Schedule a demo with us to learn more.